It's Officially Tiddly Time!

It's Officially Tiddly Time!

For those of you that know me, I reference "Tiddly Time" quite often. That's because growing up, every day at 5:00 on the dot, my sweet grandma would ask my grandpa to kindly go make her a little "tiddly." Those fond memories of my grandpa headed to the wet bar and serving up some sort of brandy colored cocktail to my grandma was then followed by the next hour gathered around the counter where she would present a small tray of olives and gherkin pickles (two of my very least favorite foods). But it wasn't about the food or drinks served... it was about the time that we gathered together, shared about our days, told funny stories, filed our nails (yes, this happened at the counter during "tiddly time"), and just shared in each other's lives before the official cooking of dinner commenced. 

So while "Tiddly Time" doesn't happen every day in my house, it is certainly met with great anticipation when I have friends and family over. In fact, "Tiddly Time," may not even wait for 5:00. We've been crazy enough to start the day drinking much earlier than this... personally, I feel that once we've gathered and no more driving is required for the day, that is the perfectly acceptable time to start pouring "tiddlies!"

And with the holidays approaching with family and friends coming to visit, I hope that you will embrace "Tiddly Time" with me! So to start you off, I'm sharing our favorite hot "tiddlies" from our Ski Town Après Ski cookbook. 

Thanksgiving's sure-to-please treat is this divinely rich and smooth, Hot Buttered Rum from Bierstube on Red Lodge Mountain Resort in Red Lodge, Montana. 

Click HERE for link to this special Hot Buttered Rum recipe.


This easily spiked or virgin apple cider is next on our list when the kids want to join us at the counter. This simple Hot Apple Pie comes from The Terrace at High Camp in Squaw Valley, California.

Hot Apple Pie Recipe:
8 oz. hot apple cider (I prefer to use Big B's spiced or plain apple cider, heated on the stove). 
1 1/2 oz. Tuaca


Lastly, we'll keep it simple and original with a traditional Après Ski Hot Toddy. This recipe comes to us from the Pioneer Saloon in Ketchum, Idaho. 

Hot Toddy Recipe:

1 cup very hot water
2 oz. Jack Daniels Tenessee Honey
1 tsp. Sugar in the Raw
Lemon Slice


Cheers to you and yours and wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving along with a fabulous, "Tiddly Time!"


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