An Evening at Ski Tip Lodge

An Evening at Ski Tip Lodge

On January 22nd, Chef Kevin McCombs, Executive Chef at Ski Tip Lodge in Keystone, hosted a “Meet Our Chef” event.  This evening was a blissful gathering of culinary connoisseurs in one of the cozy hearth rooms in front of a roaring fire - a quintessential Ski Tip Lodge experience.  

The smell of deliciously cooked food wafted through the air, as Chef Kevin spoke of the Pot Roast and Mushroom Cassoulet he prepared to serve the guests, along with freshly-baked Rosemary Pine Honey Corn Muffins.  As patrons enjoyed the cassoulet, Chef Kevin instructed and entertained the group while making the next tasting: Pork and Apple Goulash.  This lighter version including pork, chicken stock, apple juice, presents a unique spin on traditional Eastern European Goulash, while still incorporating paprika and sour cream and more standard goulash flavors.   Chef Kevin’s Pork and Apple Goulash is featured in the Stews and Chilies section of Ski Town Soups.  Chef Kevin and I are pictured below.

Ski Tip Lodge is nestled in the heart of Summit County’s pristine ski country and seems to transport you to another time and place.  The absolutely cozy, warm and welcoming ambiance envelopes you upon entering the unassuming, understated, yet completely inviting lodge.  A charming location with impeccable guest service, Ski Tip Lodge offers world renowned cuisine in a luxurious dining room.


Thank you to Nancy and Karen from The Next Page bookstore in Frisco, Colorado for assisting with the event and offering the Ski Town Soups cookbook to attendees!  For me, as an author, it is such a heart-warming feeling to have these 2 as champions and advocates of Ski Town Soups!

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