Canyons Ski Adventure

Canyons Ski Adventure

After a bustling Soup Crawl along Park City's Main Street on Tuesday, February 19, my family anticipated a glorious excursion to Canyons Resort.  A much-deserved family ski day was in-store!  Early risers as we all are, we were nearly the first on the Red Pine Gondola to mid-mountain at 9am.  We traversed the mountain - riding lifts made for my 4-person family and skiing blue-square runs (again, seemingly made for my 4-person family).  The morning consisted of gallivanting on runs with names like "Silver Spur", "Another World", and "Lower Crowning Glory".  As we neared lunchtime, our sights were set on the 4.5 mile long run named "Harmony".  I had been looking forward to this skiing treat, as we were able to meander through The Colony - an award-winning development of homes nestled among groves of aspen trees, rolling meadows, and icy, sparkling streams.  A gawkers dream, really!


With legs alive with the satisfying burn of exercise, we decided to stop for a delicious lunch at Cloud Dine, at the top of Dreamscape and Dreamcatcher lifts.  What a spectacular diversion from the burger/french fry norm, I enjoyed a housemade pizza with artichokes, roasted red peppers, and sun-dried tomatoes topped with fresh basil and parmesan cheese and indulged on an absolutely decadent raspberry-filled, icing-glazed pastry.  Quite ready for a nap, myself ...


But, having 3 rambunctious boys raring and ready to go,  I gathered my gumption, and we continued along "Alpenglow", "Apparition", "Panorama", and "Red Pine Road".  The smallest member of our party (4 years old) opted to take the Red Pine Gondola down to the base with his dad.  I continued with the robust 6 year old and finished the day with "Boomer", "Flume" and "Willow Draw".  As we alighted from the mountain slopes, we saw Dad and 2nd son lounging in comfortable slingback chairs.  Ah ... the life!

The family can't wait for the next visit, as we look forward to trying the Orange Bubble Express, the Cabriolet, and doing the Rip Cord, again.

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