My Very Own ChowderFest

My Very Own ChowderFest

Missing the Boston ChowderFest by just a few weeks, I set-out on a self-tailored ChowderFest of my own. 7 New England clam chowders in 6 days … 

We arrived in Boston on Tuesday, June 11. We tried our first New England clam chowder of the trip at the Harborside Grill in the Hyatt Harbor Hotel in Boston. It was creamy and delicious; my youngest son was sold on the idea of clam chowder each day!  On Wednesday, June 12 we arrived on Martha’s Vineyard and tried Edgartown’s Seafood Shanty New England clam chowder (pictured below).  It had finely diced chives garnishing the bowl, as I generously adorned the soup with freshly ground black pepper - a love of mine!

On the 3rd day, I was very close to taking a break from the decadence. But, my youngest son urged me forward, and we sampled the The Wharf's Clam Chowder in Edgartown.  Fairly good, as it was served with the quintessential oyster crackers.  On the 4th day, we traveled to Vineyard Haven and indulged at the Black Dog Tavern (pictured below).  The crunchy garlic-buttered croutons were ultimately what set this apart from the rest - my favorite, thus far.


We also tried the clam chowder at Winnetu’s The Lure. This had tasty, crispy applewood smoked bacon atop the creamy creation.  It was delicious with a sweet taste of sherry that came through each bite.

As our visit to Martha's Vineyard was coming to a close, we treated ourselves to an evening at The Atlantic Fish & Chophouse in Edgartown.  The New England clam chowder at The Atlantic was splendid, but I especially loved our backdrop!

The final sample, as we drifted out of Martha’s Vineyard on the Grey Lady was at Nancy’s in Oak Bluffs. I hardly finished a serving, more common was the few bites I relished before my seafood-starved son took the bowl and devoured.  Alas, our New England excursion is not complete, and I look forward to sampling 158 Main’s Seafood Chowder (page 103 in the Ski Town Soups cookbook) with my tiniest son in the next couple days when we arrive in Jeffersonville, Vermont – home of Smugglers’ Notch.

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