Opulent Luxury at Omni Mount Washington

Opulent Luxury at Omni Mount Washington

The Omni Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire was a glorious location for the Ski Town Soups: Meet the Author event on Sunday, June 23. If the Gasparilla Inn in Boca Grande, Florida and the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado merged into one resort, with a little influence from the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver, Colorado, one would glimpse the feeling of the Omni Mount Washington, yet on a much more grandiose scale, to say the least. The sprawling grounds included the Ammonoosuc River, outdoor pool, 2 golf courses – Mount Washington and Mount Pleasant, kids club, and many more outdoor and indoor activities. The authentic old-world feeling was alive-and-well in the foyer – with an original menu from the 40s on display. A guest can truly feel why this hotel was the most luxurious of its day and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and has the Historic Landmark designation.


A bright, circular room with a high, ornately painted, domed ceiling – the conservatory hosted the Meet the Author event. The staff had prepared the tantalizing Apple Butternut Bisque from Fabyans Station at Bretton Woods (featured on page 73 of the Ski Town Soups cookbook) for guests to sample. As always, meeting the world-traveling guests at these events was a true delight! And, in the midst of the book signing, a major storm brewed – the high point for the evening, if I do admit. The sky darkened, the lights flickered (where generators took over, a lucky fore-planning from the resort), the rain flourished in a downpour, and the nearly straight-line winds gusted. It was a majestic sight to behold out the 270-degree windows of the conservatory, through to the impressive wraparound veranda.  The cherry on top was the double rainbow that followed!


So, the indoor amenities delighted our family, that evening. We enjoyed a margarita flatbread, a crisp Chardonnay for myself and Shirley Temple’s for the younger ones, and a sumptuous and indescribably large cream puff, to share. My children played in the arcade and also ventured to “look” in the sweets shop, Morsels. It was also fun to read the daily newsletter, which is called The Bugle. It outlines all the events in which guests can participate. A perfect end to a bustling afternoon!


Even more comforts awaited us in our beautiful room – an overwhelming feeling of Restoration Hardware blended with an upscale country club. This illuminating mood of luxury continued through to the gorgeous and tasty breakfast buffet in the grand ballroom in the morning. Might I be inclined and moved to use the East Coast language of “Wicked Awesome”?

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