Loving Terra Bistro... and My Darling!

Loving Terra Bistro... and My Darling!

My dearest man and I  unequivocally needed a date night - away from the 3 growing gentlemen in our midst and the irksome little pupster who loves to nibble Achilles’ tendons.  While our family home emulated a fraternity house prior to getting the hellion with a pink collar, it likens more to a frat house with a mascot nowadays.  All this being noted, my husband and I “deserved” a glorious dinner.  To Terra Bistro we ventured ...
Heirloom Carrot Salad
My darling ordered a deliciously roasted heirloom carrot salad with creamy basil dressing and mixed greens, fresh herbs and pumpkin seeds.  It was the perfect taste of spring and garden freshness!  For his main entree, he selected an Ahi tuna from Hawaii that was coriander-crusted and gently seared paired with a Napa cabbage salad with tamiri vinaigrette and fried rice tots.  
Hawaiian Ahi
Sweet Corn and Lobster Soup
My meal started with a velvety sweet corn soup with ample pieces of Maine lobster.  The sweetness was counter balanced with cardamom and turmeric.  And, the depth of flavor was enhanced with an earthy taste of coconut.  My main entree was a delightful roasted chicken salad with an olive brine ranch dressing and tomato vinegar reduction.  The rusticity of the dish would have immensely impressed the Pioneer Woman - Ree Drummond and/or the Half Baked Harvest author - Tieghan Gerard.

Roasted Chicken Salad
Vail’s own Terra Bistro appears with a few recipes in Ski Town Après Ski - zesty lemon honey Brussel sprouts and a couple of fresh and fruity cocktails.  Whether desiring a health-conscious meal on the town or a sample in your kitchen - Terra Bistro in Vail, CO delights!  
We left Terra Bistro with our bellies and hearts full and arrived home to a slumbering house. Ahhhhhh... salud to date night!
*** Terra Bistro is currently offering off-season specials with entrees starting at just $16! Plan your next date night to Terra Bistro to take advantage of these inviting prices and exceptional cuisine! ***

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