Pork Butt Sausage by The Downtown Grocery

Pork Butt Sausage by The Downtown Grocery

Chef Rogan and Abby Lechthaler handily entice foodies with their aromatic and gourmet cuisine at The Downtown Grocery in Ludlow, Vermont, just outside Okemo Mountain Resort.  Ski Town Soups is thrilled to include Chef Rogan’s Wild Maine Shrimp Gumbo in the cookbook.  While a home cook may be challenged with the entire recipe, we’ve included short cuts, like using prepared sausage.  However, if you are yearning to try homemade pork butt sausage, enjoy The Downtown Grocery’s recipe. 

Pork Butt Sausage

2 lbs. Lucky 7 Farm pork butt

2 Anjali Farm garlic cloves

½ medium Prouty Family onion

1 Tbsp. yellow mustard seed

1 Tbsp. fennel seed

1 tsp. crushed chili

1 yard pork casing

Slice pork butt into strips.  Peel and mince garlic and ½ of an onion. Grind pork, garlic and onion through small die.  Toast mustard seed, fennel seed and crushed chili until aromatic – add this to pork, garlic and onion mixture.  To check seasoning, sauté a small amount in a pan, then add salt and pepper to taste.  Flush pork casing with water several times.  Stuff casing with pork mixture (5-inch links) and pierce casings.  Twist ends of sausages to force any air pockets out.  Simmer in beer until sausage is cooked through.

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